We’ve been at your floral service for 10 years, championing the bespoke, garden-style movement and helping narrow the gap between farmer and florist. 

We thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time. Our hope, is that in some small way, flowers can unite us and help ease some of the discomfort and loneliness that is collectively felt.

Our Mission: Spread love through the magnificence of flowers.

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Since 2009, our passion has been to provide our Couples with the most glorious mix of blooms anyone has ever seen. We want your flowers to be unique to you.


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The Girl

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Hastings County, Ontario. I call them my Anne of Green Gables years, angst ridden, cursing at the sky and longing for the day that I could pack up and head for the big city.


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Coriander Girl is hands down the best florist in Toronto. Their arrangements are stunning, and they have excellent customer service. I have done my wedding through them, and have received numerous bouquets over the past few years, and couldn’t be happier with the quality of work they do.
Stepping into Alison Westlake’s charming Parkdale flower shop, you can’t help but fall in love with her sweet, country-chic approach to florals. Her signature loose, romantic arrangements of locally sourced blooms (tulips, peonies, dahlias and feathery astilbe) come in rustic containers, such as vintage pitchers, Mason jars and apothecary bottles. The look is natural, understated and not overly stylized.
Toronto Life
The best! Honestly they just GET flowers. Seriously jaw dropping STUNNING. They are seriously one of the best in the business and their shop is ADORABLE! The staff always have a smile and are just the cutest ladies. When you enter Coriander Girl you just feel so relaxed and peaceful. I love visiting and picking up my orders.
An Enthusiastic Customer!
I’ve been going to Coriander Girl for 2 years for my flower needs. Easily the nicest aesthetic compared to other flower shops. Arrangements are always unique and thoughtful. This morning I walked out of my car and someone complimented me on the bouquets. Had to recommend Coriander Girl in return. Unreal customer service. The ladies there are top notch.
There are a lot of incredible flower shops in Toronto but there’s something really special and genuine about Coriander Girl that makes it worth the trek across the city to Parkdale.
Natalie Taylor—Toronto Life

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Our cute shop in Baby Point services the GTA.

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Explore our 15-acre County property.

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We’ve been writing in the Coriander Journal since 2009, but this diary isn’t kept under the mattress. All our triumphs and trials are documented, and we love having you along for the journey.

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