Frequently Asked Questions

A message about our policies and procedures in light of coronavirus (COVID-19);

As we re-open our storefront, we will be proceeding with caution and will continue to maintain a very stringent sanitation regimen for your safety. Customer entry will be limited to 2-3 people at a time and face mask usage will be required.

Our delivery service is continuing to do their utmost to maintain the highest level of sanitation. As long as the weather is permitting, all orders will be left at your doorsteps and all deliveries made out to Hospitals, doctor's offices and medical buildings will be temporarily unavailable.

Please ensure that you call us if you find you cannot make it to collect orders placed for contactless curbside pick up at the time selected.

Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time. Our hope, is that in some small way, flowers can unite us and help ease some of the discomfort and loneliness that is collectively felt.


What happened to the Coriander Girl Toronto location?

We’ve been at your floral service for 11 years, championing the bespoke, garden-style movement and helping narrow the gap between farmer and florist. But now I’m passing the Coriander Toronto baton to the manager, Deanna Balmer, who will continue to nurture the Coriander community as her own but from under her own brand, The Wild Pansy.

Short of changing the name on the door, everything you have grown to love about Coriander Girl Toronto, nurtured so beautifully by Deanna, will remain the same. There isn’t anyone better equipped for this adventure and it really only works because it’s Deanna. She’s taken such beautiful care of your floral needs for the past 5 years and now you have the opportunity to take care of her and support her in her own journey.

Deanna and The Wild Pansy will remain at 540 Annette St in Toronto and slowly transition the space over to her own personal design aesthetic. The flowers that you’ve been obsessed with for years will remain the same because they're the flowers Deanna has been designing for you everyday. Rest assured, The Wild Pansy is going to take the very best care of you.


Can I order same-day flowers for delivery or pick up?

Yes, but we encourage a phone call to ensure that we can accommodate your request. To secure a last minute driver, your order will be subject to a flat rate delivery fee. Please visit our Delivery page for more information.


What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver all around Prince Edward County, to addresses with postal codes that begin with 'K0K' or 'K8N'. For deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area please refer to The Wild Pansy.

How long should my flowers last?

Garden grown flowers are very different from those grown for the floral trade. Typically garden blooms are more delicate and therefore by nature have a shorter vase life than a carnation for example. Our flowers are not always perfect and it’s that subtlety, that nuance, that makes them so special. We believe it’s the impermanence of a really unique flower that is the gift and lasts well beyond the life of your bouquet. The flowers chosen are always memorable and it’s that artisanal quality that well compensates for a slightly shorter vase life.


How can I prolong the life of my bouquet/arrangement?

Refresh the vase water every two or three days and trim the stems making sure to get them quickly back in the water after you cut. Keep fresh flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heat vents. As flowers die off, pull them from your arrangement, the beauty of our bouquets is that they are constantly evolving.


Why can’t I choose the exact flowers for my order?

Because we’re working with seasonal flowers as often as possible, it’s harder for us to promise you something we can’t always deliver on. And it’s our preference to offer you a really unique experience. Once you’ve specified your palette and budget this is when the real magic happens at Coriander Girl. Our designers are true artists and can’t wait to design something special just for you. We only purchase the highest quality and most unique blooms, so you’ll only ever get our best.


What if I’m allergic to a particular flower or dislike a certain type of flower?

We totally get it and that’s why we’ve included a space for you on the order page to write any special requests. We can’t promise that every request will be fulfilled but we do our best. It’s here that you can also specify special delivery instructions. We also encourage a phone call if you would prefer to speak to someone about your flower order.


Where do your flowers come from?

We source our flowers from local farmers whenever possible, and we import from ethical companies abroad because hey, the Dutch just do flowers right.


Does Coriander Girl do weddings?

Do we! Weddings are our jam! Visit our Wedding Galleries and get inspired.


How far in advance should we consult about my wedding?

Ideally 6 months but we have been known to squeeze in a last minute wedding order here and there.


Customer Service

At Coriander Girl we take great pride in offering the very best in customer service. If you are not satisfied with your flowers, please contact us within 24 hours so that we have an opportunity to resolve the issue quickly. Typically a store credit will be issued, or a replacement arrangement will be sent. Please keep in mind that flowers are perishable. Locally-grown flowers have an even shorter vase life than flowers grown specifically for the flower trade. A stunningly beautiful poppy might only give you three or four days while a carnation can last up to three weeks. We design our bouquets so that flowers are blooming and dying at different times and we recommend removing those spent blooms from your bouquet to continue enjoying the rest of the flowers as they evolve.



Photo: Karyn Valino