The Toronto Shop

We’ve been at your floral service for 11 years, championing the bespoke, garden-style movement and helping narrow the gap between farmer and florist. But now I’m passing the Coriander Toronto baton to the manager, Deanna Balmer, who will continue to nurture the Coriander community as her own but from under her own brand, The Wild Pansy.

Short of changing the name on the door, everything you have grown to love about Coriander Girl Toronto, nurtured so beautifully by Deanna, will remain the same. There isn’t anyone better equipped for this adventure and it really only works because it’s Deanna. She’s taken such beautiful care of your floral needs for the past 5 years and now you have the opportunity to take care of her and support her in her own journey.

Deanna and The Wild Pansy will remain at 540 Annette St in Toronto and slowly transition the space over to her own personal design aesthetic. The flowers that you’ve been obsessed with for years will remain the same because they're the flowers Deanna has been designing for you everyday. Rest assured, The Wild Pansy is going to take the very best care of you.


540 Annette Street
Main Floor 
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 2C2 
416 532 3333